Lake Vista

Lake Vista is the one and only DBSS in Jurong area

Future Jewel of the West

 Future CBD in the west

Jurong DBSS

Lake Vista DBSS is located at the heart of Jurong Lake District, which will be the commercial hub for the West, offering a business and leisure destination set amidst a lakeside environment. It is located at Yuan Ching Road

682 units ( 4 x 22 storey)

3 Room(145 units) / 4 Room (279 units) / 5 Room (258 units)

Lake Vista Project InformationLake Vista Unit typeLocation

Lake Vista DBSS locationLake Vista DBSS location

Site Plan

Lake Vista Site Plan

Why Buy Lake Vista?

Lake Vista DBSS

Lake Vista DBSSLake Vista DBSS

Lake Vista DBSSJurong Lake DistrictDeveloper Profile

Lake Vista DBSS location


Lake Vista DBSSLake Vista DBSSLake Vista DBSSLake Vista DBSSLake Vista DBSS

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